This article will guide you through the full step by step of how to send through a case to First AML via the platform or mobile app.


Video Demonstration

Mobile View:  Agent View     


Desktop View: Platform User View

Detailed Description

Step 1: Click on "Create new case" 

Click the green 'Create new case' button on the top right hand side of the main First AML dashboard.

Step 2: Complete the transaction details

This next screen will appear slightly different depending on whether you are a Real Estate Agent, an Advisor, or a Lawyer.

a. Real Estate Agents:

The screen will first appear asking for the deal type, entity type, expected transaction value, and the branch. As you populate the boxes, further boxes will appear as below.

  • Deal type 
  • Purpose - why they are completing this captured activity/transaction with you i.e. if they are selling a family home it may be because they are relocating out of town
  • Nature - nature of the transaction and client (e.g. returning clients selling family home) - giving a bit more context to who the customer is and their relationship to you (the reporting entity)
  • Entity type- is the property owned by individual(s), trust, company etc
  • Case name- for individual cases, the name of the individual/s. For entity cases, the name of the entity. 
  • Expected transaction value (This field cannot contain any special characters)
  • Branch

Platform ViewMobile View

b. Advisors (Investment Agents)

  • Entity type- is your customer an individual(s), trust, company etc
  • Branch

Platform ViewMobile View

c. Lawyer

  • Entity type- is your customer an individual(s), trust, company etc 
  • Reference- your internal reference for this customer
  • Branch

Platform ViewMobile View

Step 3: Click "Create Case"

Once you have entered the case details, you will land on a Draft case. 
  1. You can add individuals, edit their contact details, verify them, and add notes before submitting your case. 
  2. Please note that you will need to add at least one individual before you can submit the case, so that First AML have someone to contact. 

Platform ViewMobile View

Step 4: Add individuals

Please add all individuals who are involved in the case, whether they are just someone to liaise with to collect information for CDD purposes, or an individual who will need to be verified. Please add any individuals you know are involved

  1. Please include their name, email address & phone number
  2. Click "Save", or if you want to add any additional individuals click "Save & add another"

Note: If the case is for individuals owning the property in their personal capacity, without e.g. a company or trust, please add all the individuals that need to be verified 

Platform ViewMobile View

Step 5 (optional): Verify Individuals 

Platform ViewMobile View
If you are meeting with any of the individuals you have added and want to verify them in person before submitting the case:
  1. Click the 'Verify' button

  2. This will then prompt a window giving you two options to access the EIV form
    - Get Started - Choose this option for the standard process and proceed to step c. where you start the EIV form with your client from your current device (gives you the option to switch device before photos/videos are required)

    - Verify on another device - Choose this option when you prefer to use the QR code method to move to another device to complete the form from there (the Get Started option also gives the option to switch device on a further stage if required)

    How to use the QR code method:
    - Open your mobile device with a camera, and open the camera app
    - Point your camera at the QR code you see on the screen of the current device with the QR code
    - Click on the prompt the QR code generated to open the form with your browser (In the example below, "Open in Chrome" is generated)

    (If the QR code method does not work for you, please use the "Get Started" standard process where it gives other options for you to switch to another device)

  3. This will take you through the Electronic Verification Form
    (For step by step details on how to complete the EIV form please Click Here)

Step 6 (optional): Add case notes - How to toggle between Individual and Note section on mobile

This is an optional step where you can liaise with First AML.
  1.  If you have any additional information that you think might be helpful for the analyst to know, please note it down here.

Platform ViewMobile View

Note: To toggle between the notes section and individuals section on your mobile app, please click on the white box containing "Individuals" and choose the section you would like to go to as shown below:

Step 7: Submit the case

Once you have entered the relevant information, please submit the case to First AML.

  1. Select the 'Submit case' button, this will update the case to In Progress. 
  2. Once in progress, our AML Specialist team will reach out to verify the individuals in the case. If your vendor prefers to complete the ID form with you in person, you can verify an individual using the 'Verify' button.
  3. Once the case is in progress you can view the notes & activity log for the case.

Platform ViewMobile View

Toggle between Individuals/Notes/Activity log on the mobile app


Once the case is changed to "In Progress" you will be able to toggle between the Notes/Individuals/Activity Log sections on your mobile app. 

Please click on the white box "Individuals" which will prompt a drop down. Choose the section you would like to go to as shown below:

You can also verify the individuals once the case has been moved to "In progress" status by clicking on the name of the individual in the Individuals tab as shown below: