The onboarding process is broken down into a six-step rollout plan that ensures all new clients are set up for success once they launch within the First AML platform. Key documentation, important information and key action items and dates are spread evenly across the timeline. We want to make sure the information is easily digestible and that every new client has implemented First AML correctly. The six-step roll out plan is outlined in this article.


Step One: Onboarding Checklist

Once the contract has been signed and you are now a client of First AML, the Implementation Specialist who will be looking after your account will send out an introduction email. The email includes the onboarding checklist with important documentation and information that you need to review before your allocated onboarding meeting. Within the introduction email, you will be prompted to complete a DIA application. This ensures that you have access to the DIA Passport office & our electronic verification provider. This application can take 12-14 days to be accepted so we urge all new clients to complete this as soon as possible.

Step Two: Onboarding Meeting

Your Account Executive will invite you to an onboarding meeting where they will formally introduce you to your Implementation Specialist. Within the meeting, we will confirm some action items and dates as well as a short demonstration of your key responsibilities within the First AML platform. Once the meeting has finished your Implementation Specialist will send out some next steps via email. These need to be reviewed and completed before you launch with First AML.

Step Three: Internal Team Training

Within this meeting First AML will run a full team training. It is important that anyone within your business who will be using the First AML platform attends, so they can learn and understand their key responsibilities. It is also a good time to address any final questions or feedback that your team may have. Supplementary training materials will be sent out via a post-training email by the Implementation Specialist.

Step Four: Launch day

Once your launch day has arrived you are now able to submit cases through to First AML. We will take over all AML responsibilities, working closely with your customers to ensure compliance is met and the cases are closed as fast as possible.

Step Five: Monitoring & Check-ins

Once launched with First AML you will remain with your Implementation Specialist for six weeks. Throughout this time they will do weekly check-ins with an internal contact. Any issues, questions, or feedback can be discussed and we can make sure that you are getting the most out of our services.

Step Six: Handoff to Support/Customer Success Manager

Once the six weeks are up, depending on your tier, the Implementation Specialist will either hand you off to the support team or a customer success manager. From here, they will become your go-to people for anything First AML related and will look to build and create a bigger and stronger partnership for years to come.